Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ICDA tuition-free?

A: Yes, ICDA is a tuition-free high school. Some lab fees for certain classes may apply. There is a one-time, refundable $25 book deposit fee at first-time registration.

Q: Is ICDA a public school?

A: Yes, ICDA is a public high school, fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. ICDA is the first charter school in the state of Nevada, and is sponsored by Washoe County School District.

Q: What kinds of kids go to ICDA?

A: All kinds. Many of our students who felt challenged with fitting in, and may have fallen through the cracks in the traditional school setting, find that ICDA offers a refreshing and often life-changing difference. The diversity of ICDA kids’ talents is amazing – academics, in the arts, leadership skills, compassion and community service… For some kids, personal discovery of their own hidden talents is just around the corner!

Q: Is there transportation to ICDA?

A: ICDA does not provide school-bus transportation. Many of our students use Citifare public transportation. Students are allowed to drive their own vehicles to school as long as they adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. Students may participate in a bus ticket program, (Citifare through administration).

Q: What makes ICDA different from traditional high schools?

A: Small, personalized classes. Classroom student-to-teacher ratio averages 18:1, students usually take only four classes per nine-week blocks with 4-day school weeks.  Longer class periods mean less homework and a better understanding of the subject matter, flexible schedules; ICDA offers regular, hybrid, and distance education classes, Arts department focuses on: Dance, Media, Photography and Visual arts.

Zero-tolerance for alcohol, drugs, and violence; ICDA is a safe place