About ICDA

I Can Do Anything Charter High School in Reno, NV provides a unique and flexible educational opportunity for Northern Nevada students. With a warm and nurturing environment, ICDA's students have been able to experience educational success and personal growth…many of them for the first time in a long time.

Most of our youth thrive in the school because of small class sizes, which allows them to get the kind of personalized attention they deserve, and often need. Formed by a team of teachers, administrators and community leaders in 1998, ICDA has emerged as one of the great success stories in Nevada's early history of charter schools. As Nevada's first charter school, ICDA's best practices have become a standard of excellence.

ICDA provides an environment that encourages students to believe in themselves and individually helps to guide them to reach their goals. This is a school where students, teachers and administrators work closely together as a team to build character and self-esteem while providing for an excellent education. Much attention goes into maintaining a positive attitude and healthy learning environment at ICDA. Many students who are challenged with fitting in at a traditional school setting, find ICDA to offer a refreshing and often life-changing difference.