ICDA Distance Education

Tuition-Free Online High School Distance Education Program

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The most flexible distance education program offered in Nevada designed to fit individual needs

•Flexible scheduling: Start and complete courses on your time schedule

•Available on-line 24/7 from any computer with Internet access

•You choose your school hours

•Move through courses at your own pace

•Work on one-to-four courses at a time

•All core courses plus electives are available online

Our State of Nevada accredited curriculum allows students to:

•Challenge courses

•Test out of lessons in which they already have competency

•Master each topic

•All of our teachers are on site, at the ICDA Main Campus in Reno

•We are available to tutor, encourage, and get to know our students!

•Distance ed students may participate in all school events including prom and our spectacular Graduation Ceremony at the Nightingale Concert Hall, UNR

“HYBRID” student options:

•Take some courses at home, and any course of your choice at school such as Dance, Media Arts, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, Proficiency Prep, Fine Arts, Etc.

•Earn additional credit for having a job, doing community service, or participating in sports/exercise programs

All distance ed students are required to meet with their teacher once a week or as often as needed to ensure their success.

We specialize in fitting the program to the student’s needs Our goal is student success!